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Anonymous Agency Execution for any FX Product

GTX’s voice agency desk provides full-service, anonymous agency execution services to institutional market participants. Our team of deeply experienced execution specialists work closely with clients to execute trades primarily in covered FX products at the best price with minimal information leakage or market impact.

The GTX Difference


GTX executes trades on an agency basis providing full anonymity. This level of anonymity enables sophisticated clients to minimize pre and post-trade information leakage, market impact and reverse engineering concerns.

Best Price Execution

GTX works closely with the clients to determine the best strategy for sourcing liquidity based on the trade characteristics, current market conditions, and other considerations. GTX then aggregates pricing from a wide range of buy and sell-side counterparties to execute the trade at the best available price.

Regulatory Compliance

As a CFTC-registered swap dealer, GTX provides “voice” agency execution services for all covered FX products in compliance with regulations in the U.S.


Experienced Team

The GTX agency execution team is highly experienced with an average of more than 20 years in the FX markets per person. The team brings its experience to bear to get the best trade execution results for clients.

Agency Execution

By providing execution services as an agent, the interests of the GTX voice agency desk are fully aligned with those of clients. This model of “voice” agency execution also fulfills regulatory requirements for trading of covered products in the U.S.

All FX Products

GTX’s agency execution team can handle trades in virtually any FX product and currency pair in G10 and (G30) emerging markets. Swaps, forwards, NDFs, and options make up the bulk of trades crossing the execution desk., Spot FX is supported as well.

Global Client Coverage

GTX’s voice agency desk is open 24/5 supporting clients across the globe.

Expansive Counterparty Universe

GTX counterparty universe exceeds 35 FX banks, as well as non-bank liquidity providers and active, buy-side counterparties. Trading via GTX enables clients to tap into this network, effectively extending their counterparty universe to other eligible counterparties.

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