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GTX SEF is a Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) registered Swap Execution Facility (SEF), which enables trading of FX non-deliverable forwards (NDF). Built on GTX’s proven, flexible and reliable ECN trading technology, GTX SEF offers both central limit order book and request-for-quote/request-for-stream protocols capable of supporting new products and market innovations tailored to meet client needs.

The Value of Trading on the GTX SEF

Robust Pre-Trade Credit Engine

GTX’s SEF leverages a powerful real-time credit engine enabling pre-trade credit checking among market participants. In addition, GTX SEF’s real-time credit engine enables users to track credit/margin exposures directly on the platform.

Proven, Flexible Technology

The GTX SEF platform is built on the same robust technology as our market leading ECN. This market-proven technology serves as the foundation for reliable system functionality and unparalleled uptime. Moreover, this highly flexible technology allows GTX SEF to directly address market participant needs, delivering cost-effective and efficient solutions quickly.

Flexible Trading

GTX SEF offers multiple execution protocols, enabling clients to trade in a way tailored to meet their needs. The central limit order book offers aggregated liquidity with full depth-of-market view, a range of order types, and the ability to enter bids and offers. Complementing the order book, Request for Stream/Request for Quote (RFS/RFQ) functionality aggregates highly competitive rates sourced from eligible liquidity providers for specific currency pairs, tenor and quantities.

Straight Through Processing

Completed transactions flow seamlessly into to back-office systems of transaction participants, updating risk in real-time, enabling efficient credit management and reducing errors versus manual entry systems.

GTX Ecosystem

GTX’s SEF operates as part of the broader GTX global business, that, through its various entities, enables trading of broad spectrum of FX products tailored to the client’s strategy and performance requirements.

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