GTX ECN Sets Volume Records in February

Daily, Monthly Volumes Surpass January Highs For the second consecutive month, GTX’s FX ECN has set new single day, average daily, and total month volume records. A spike in market volatility as well as new client activity drove the ECN’s record performance. February’s total monthly volume was a record $322.7 billion. The previous record of [...]

2018-03-05T12:08:09+00:00 March 1st, 2018|

GTX ECN Sets Single-Day Volume Record of Nearly $26 Billion

Single-Day Benchmark Smashes Previous Record Set January 25th GTX’s FX ECN set a single-day volume record of $25.996 billion today, besting the previous high of $22.957 billion set January 25, 2018. A spike in market volatility and surge in algorithmic trading activity drove the ECN’s performance. “Today’s record activity speaks to the utility of our [...]

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