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GTX’s flagship ECN enables institutional FX market participants to interact with programmatic liquidity and natural trade flows from more than 350 buy and sell-side market participants. Our liquidity team proactively monitors and manages each client’s counterparty universe to optimize execution quality across currency pairs, strategies and market conditions. GTX can be accessed via leading prime brokers, using direct bank lines or through our GTX Direct prime services solution.

The GTX Liquidity Difference

Differentiated Liquidity

GTX ECN participants include global FX brokers hedging positions and adverse client trades as well as natural and programmatic flows from hedge funds, proprietary traders, Tier 1 bank and non-bank liquidity providers.

Active Liquidity Optimization

GTX ‘s ECN dedicated liquidity management team supports clients by actively monitoring and managing the universe of counterparties that each participant faces. This active approach enables clients to better understand and optimize their trade executions on the ECN.

Centralized Clearing Efficiencies

Clients can access GTX via direct bank credit and bank prime brokerage accounts. The company also provides Prime Services to institutions seeking efficient margin access to the GTX ECN.

Low Latency Trading, Live Data

GTX ECN enables low latency trade executions. Live market data is streamed in real time via FIX and leading edge binary protocols, provided free to clients. Central clearing efficiencies provided through three leading prime brokers.

Clear Rules of Engagement

Trading activity is subject to disclosed rules, creating a better environment for all participants.

Robust Execution Algorithms

GTX provides a suite of high-performance TWAP algorithms specifically designed to optimize trade execution on the ECN.
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There are multiple ways to access our liquidity:

Trading platform

GTX’s highly customizable GUI provides advanced order capabilities such as basket and iceberg orders, along with TWAP trading strategies, giving you the flexibility to execute large trades anonymously.

API trading

Connect to our anonymous, ultra-low latency trading environment with a FIX or Java API. GTX is also compatible with select MT4 bridge providers.

GTX Agency Desk

The GTX agency desk provides voice, agency execution of complex trading strategies for eligible clients.

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