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GTX supports credit and margin solutions to enable institutions to access the market in the most efficient manner available. GTX ECN operates on a central counterparty (CCP) hub system supported by three Tier-1 foreign exchange prime brokers. This model streamlines onboarding and extends the full counterparty universe of each CCP to clients trading within their respective hub.
In addition to the CCP model, GTX supports market access via prime brokerage accounts as well as direct bank access in which buy and sell-side market participants use existing bank credit lines to trade on a disclosed bilateral basis.
GTX also provides direct access to its ECN without a prime broker through a prime service offering.

Prime Brokerage

Prime Brokerage
Leading FX prime brokers support access to GTX’s ecosystem of electronic trading and voice execution platforms. Our prime brokers support a range of account types to enable clients to access the GTX platform or service that best meets its trading or investment goals.
ECN Central Counter Party Hubs
GTX’s central counterparty (“CCP”) provides streamlined access for clients to trade with all counterparties within a hub via a single CCP. The CCP hub structure enables clients with a relationship with one of our Tier 1 CCPs (directly or via their prime broker) to access the entire universe of the CCP’s trading counterparties on the ECN.
Disclosed, Direct Trading
Clients can leverage GTX’s ECN infrastructure and universe of more than 400 institutional market participants to establish direct, disclosed trading channels with other ECN participants, including leading FX banks and non-bank liquidity providers. Customized, multilateral liquidity pools are also available, enabling clients to benefit from aggregated liquidity from selected counterparties.
Direct channels may be set up on the GTX ECN using direct bank lines or prime broker accounts.
Voice Agency Desk
Clients with relationships with the Tier 1 prime brokers supporting GTX’s voice agency desk can trade any FX product on an anonymous, agency basis with more than 35 leading liquidity providers.
Access to the RSD, which provides “voice” advisory and execution services, is supported via prime brokers and direct relationships with the RSD’s three Tier 1 prime brokers.

Direct Bank Access

GTX’s direct bank access enables clients to trade bilaterally with GTX counterparties on existing bank credit lines. This structure enables banks and buy-side clients to access GTX counterparties quickly without having to establish new credit or prime brokerage relationships.
Clients benefit from quick set up, no additional coding required and full GTX 24×5 operational and technology support. Customized, one-to-many pools are available too.

GTX Direct Prime Services

Trade on the GTX ECN Without a Prime Broker

GTX Direct* is a prime services offering enabling institutional traders to access the GTX ECN without a prime brokerage relationship. Institutional traders that do not meet the capital requirements of tier 1 prime brokers could be eligible for this service. GTX Direct customers are typically small to medium-sized institutions such as hedge funds and CTAs, regional banks, FX brokers, and proprietary trading operations.

The GTX Difference

Asset Protection

GTX Direct client accounts are held by our U.K. entity, GAIN Capital U.K. Limited. Funds may be fully segregated from GAIN’s operating funds in accordance with U.K. law and regulation. Client segregated accounts have creditor priority in the event of a default. Clients may opt out of holding funds on a segregated basis. In some cases, this may enable them to negotiate more favorable margin terms.
Client accounts are credited or debited based on our mark-to-market calculations.

Top-Tier Market Access

Though GTX Direct, institutions trade directly on FX liquidity sourced from more than 50 global banks and top-tier liquidity providers plus more than 300 institutional clients trading on the ECN.

Multilateral or Bilateral Counterparties

In addition to trading on the ECN in the conventional multilateral format, GTX Direct clients can trade directly with liquidity providers on a disclosed basis. This option enables clients to choose the most efficient market access for various market conditions, currency pairs and strategies.

Streamlined Operation

Maintaining a prime brokerage account is operationally intensive requiring significant IT and staff resources. GTX Direct frees clients from these requirements, enabling to devote resources to more productive areas.



Our GTX Direct accounts are only available to ECP (eligible contract participant) as defined by Section 1a(12) of the Commodity Exchange Act if you are located in the US. Traders residing outside of the US must meet the Elective Professional requirements as stipulated by the UK FCA.

*GTX Direct is offered through GAIN Capital UK Limited and Gain Capital Japan Co., Ltd, which are counterparties to all trades.


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