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Get competitive streaming prices, sophisticated order management and routing tools at your fingertips. Execute orders of any size and type according to your strategies and needs.


Our patented and proprietary technology delivers innovative features and high performance.

A completely customizable user interface displays full depth of book with live bid and offers and associated quantities, as well as a dynamic size-adjusted average price (VWAP) display. The platform automatically allows traders to benefit from price improvement, made possible by our advanced algorithms, VWAP capabilities and central clearing mechanism.

Order management capabilities include all the standard account types as well as unique orders such as All-or-Nothing/ Good-til-Expire (AON/GTE), Peg orders and Iceberg orders.  Clients can also develop and implement automated trading strategies using GTX’s robust Java or FIX-based APIs.

A superior credit engine has helped GTX attract a deep pool of liquidity providers, including a network of more than 15 prime brokers, as well as a diverse client base of buy side traders. The credit engine performs pre-trade credit checks between central clearers, prime brokers, and the client in real-time. GTX's routing technology allows a PB client to prioritize dealing with their own LP first, then others, thereby reducing transaction costs for all participants.

Intuitive and customizable trading interface

The GTX trading platform's intuitive design makes it easy to manage orders, query trades, and view deep pricing from anonymous, as well as disclosed, liquidity providers.

Sophisticated order management capabilities

With GTX, clients can choose from a variety of standard and unique order types including: market, limit, time in force, conditional (stop, peg, or OCO) and orders based on quantity and display instructions (AON and Iceberg).   

Robust credit engine

Unique to the industry, the GTX credit engine establishes pre-trade credit checks between central clearers, prime brokers, and the client, creating a tri-partite credit bridging function. Credit utilization is checked and updated in real-time, at the time of the trade.

GTX will also reflect a client’s current credit availability in the depth of book through the GTX GUI or API.

In addition, intrinsically linked with the GTX credit engine and custom price distribution technology is a high-performance matching engine, providing a truly robust and exceptional trading experience.

Algorithmic trading made easier

•   FIX market data distinguishes locally-matchable from externally-routed liquidity

•   FIX execution instructions allow user to opt-out of deeper externally-routed liquidity for faster response
    from locally-matchable orders only

•   Full implementation of FIX order, place, cancel, and modify messages

•   FeedAPI for streaming multiple bids and offers more safely and efficiently

•   Algorithmic plug-ins and trigger/if-done/auto-exit logic

Additional features

•   Pre- or post- trade allocation for users with multiple prime brokers

•   Unique and flexible basket trading functionality allows traders to create a customized basket of
    currency pairs or commodities, weight their allocation, and trade the basket with just one click

•   Support for multiple ticket averaging, whereby client receives one average ticket for each trade

•   “Permission based” on-screen and email alerts, and end-of-day status reports depending on client login

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