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GTX - Forex ECN is only available to Professional clients and ECP (eligible counterparties) as defined by the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID).

GTX DIRECT is a unique service that allows qualified high-net-worth individuals to access the liquidity of the GTX marketplace by leveraging GAIN Capital's own prime brokerage relationships and central clearing facilities. A minimum account deposit of $100,000 and average daily trading volumes of 5M required.

ECN, evolved.

With a robust credit engine, sophisticated trade routing, and innovative features, GTX is at the forefront of ECN technology. 

GTX is a fully independent FX ECN featuring advanced execution and order management capabilities, powered by a sophisticated credit engine.   

The GTX ECN model is multi-lateral, meaning all market participants have the ability to access the liquidity of and trade with ALL other participants, on either a disclosed or non-disclosed basis.  All trades are cleared through our central clearing counterparties, who can match any buyer to any seller, creating a true client to client trading experience.

Clients can access the liquidity of the GTX marketplace using their pre-existing prime brokerage (PB) relationships via GAIN's central clearer, the counterparty on all trades, eliminating the need to establish any new lines of credit.

GTX delivers

Enhanced liquidity

The GTX marketplace boasts a deep and diverse liquidity pool, including some of the largest banking institutions in the world as well as high frequency traders, hedge funds, and high net worth individuals.  GTX's innovative central clearing model allows all market participants the ability to access the liquidity of and trade with ALL other participants, on either a disclosed or non-disclosed basis.

Customizable liquidity

GTX works with both LPs and price takers  to create custom  liquidity pools by trading strategy. LPs and takers are then matched accordingly, optimizing fill rates while minimizing rejections. 

Capital and credit efficiency

The central clearing model reduces the need to have bi-lateral credit agreements with all market participants, thereby reducing credit risk and improving access to liquidity.

Lower cost

GTX is a fully web-based platform, so there are no upfront capital expenditures or other recurring costs such as terminal or data fees.   GTX users pay only a low per trade fee and enjoy a fast implementation and on-boarding process.  

24-hour service via the GTX Execution Desk

Round the clock access to experienced FX professionals who can assist in pricing and executing large or more complex transactions, including block spot trade, swaps, NDF's, and options.

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